Digital Signage

Digital signage is a communication way where contents are displayed on a monitor placed in commercial stores o pubblic places.

Digital Signage’s vantages are:

  • Better quality/price ratio than traditional billboards
  • Contents diversity: text, images, animations, videos
  • Possibility to create media contents as good as television ones
  • Contents can be managed with software from a PC o other devices, letting user or all workgroup to modify the media content from a remote station, usually through internet or LAN, in a fast and efficient way

In the 2006 OneTech starts to study digital signage problems, analyzing the usage fields and his relative market potential.
In the 2007 OneTech implements People-Stat, a software to measure the digital promotional messages redemption, recording, with a camera, presence datas (number) and users permanence next to transmission devices (monitor).
At the end of 2008 OneTech has maken a deal with Carlipa, french company in digital signage area, for software and hardware distribuition, an exclusive for italian market.