Security Operation Center in Italy dedicated to Small Medium Industry for monitoring the perimeter of client companies..

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The cybersecurity challenge is becoming more and more relevant and can have a decisive impact on corporate business.

The growing number of new threats requires increasingly advanced solutions, but also increasingly complex to manage and monitor.

Furthermore, never before have entrepreneurs encountered so many difficulties in finding the necessary budgets as in this particular historical period.

Human resources qualified for the management of corporate IT security are also difficult to find.

While employees who are not sufficiently trained and not ready to prevent and / or manage a threat, or a cyber attack, are themselves a real threat..

Defense of the internal perimeter

The Service is aimed at prevention, detection and response to all threats, even the most advanced, so as to guarantee total and effective protection.

Real-time detection of any compromises, auto-remediation. Escalation by e-mail in case of events that cannot be remedied automatically.

Console analysis to highlight any anomalies detected by the system but not remedied for various reasons. Discrimination between the early stage of an attack and false positives.

Remote installation and configuration of the XDR. Fine tuning and coverage of the entire perimeter.

Definition of the Customer’s contact points in case of Emergency – Notification – Reporting

Monitoring, Remediation, Real-time detection of any compromises, auto-remediation. Escalation via email in case of events that cannot be remedied automatically

Quarterly reporting: threats detected and remedied, perimeter risk level (machines, people and networks most at risk), internal vulnerabilities.

Defense of the external perimeter

Since email represents the main attack vector, it is necessary to introduce a new generation protection and timely management capable of blocking the most advanced threats. A 24×7 Incidence Response Team monitors what has been blocked by defining new hashes, issues warnings in the event of targeted attacks or releases emails in the event of false positives.

Remote installation and configuration of the solution

Policy definition and implementation of self-remediation (Blocking Mode)

Monitoring, analysis of the console to highlight any anomalies detected, remediation

Quarterly reporting: threats detected and blocked

Security Awareness – Phishing Simulation

The training of its staff is essential for an effective defense strategy.

The managed Security Awareness service allows you to define a training course according to various engaging and effective formats, to carry out phishing simulations and therefore to have a team of collaborators prepared and ready to react in the face of a cyberattack.

Tennant creation and import of the team of collaborators and work groups

Definition of the training path and target. Start of the training campaign

Quarterly reporting and employee certifications